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Read value of telerik radtextbox injavascript


I am trying to read the value of the radtext box. It comes out empty.

Anything wrong with this code?

var Addr1 = $find("<%= txtAddr1.ClientID %>");
addr1Text = Addr1.get_value();
alert("Addr1Text: " +  addr1Text );

 <telerik:RadTextBox ID="txtAddr1" runat="server" OnTextChanged="txtAddr1_TextChanged" AutoPostBack="false">

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txtAddr1 is part of an address control(user control which also has addr2, city state)
When the onclientselectedindexchanged event of the radcombobox is fired, i want to capture all the values.
In this scenario, i can read the values of the city and state comboboxes. I am not able to get the value of the text box.

Hi Shahjagat,

Please post complete code, if possible, otherwise it is difficult to guess. Check your Browser's console, are you getting any errors? Also did you try putting a debug point and see what you are getting in Addr1?