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I have exchange 2010 on a network and they want me to put in a confidentiality statement on all outgoing mail. i have configured this in the hub transport rules and its applied to all mail. what i found is that the way we have our outlook clients setup, this rule applies to almost no one.

We have the exchange mailbox added in outlook 2010 like normal. for incoming and outgoing mail, we have a pop account added that dumps into the exchange mailbox. external mail flows out of the pop account and the rule is'nt applied by exchange. is this how most people use exchange with external mail? is the easiest way to add the confidentiality statement just going to each machine and adding it into the signature line?
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Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager
I can't speak for others however we have a Sophos email appliance between our Exchange server and the outside world.  This appliance is used for SPAM filtering as well as several other features including adding a disclaimer on outgoing email based on group membership. We have one for our Mortgage department and another disclaimer for all other employees.
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Just about no one (well, except you) uses Exchange that way. Your clients should connect to Exchange from Outlook using MAPI, RPC/HTTP, or MAPI/HTTP.

Given your use case, changing the signature on each computer is probably the easiest thing to change... This can be scripted, check out for information on doing that.
Michael B. SmithManaging Consultant

Either distributing signature configurations to every workstation, or using an already-installed appliance are the appropriate answers when a company is misusing Exchange Server.

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