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newbie to BizTalk

Jai Shankar
Jai Shankar asked
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Last Modified: 2018-08-30
Hi all, just wanted to say after some significant difficulty I managed to get BizTalk access in my organisation. My head and I know that our BizTalk team controls all integration and we all find it very difficult to deal with them, My head and I discussed that I learn BizTalk, which has been my long term interest and on the path in learning a thing or two about this. I know I won't get any support from that team but only hope I had when I had that discussion with my head was that I could count on all your expertise on this site. So hoping you guys may be able to help me :-) for now if somebody can help me where I should start to learn the tool that is much appreciated....I am a newbie and never seen BizTalk yet!
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Shaun VermaakSenior Consultant
Awarded 2017
Distinguished Expert 2019

I gained all my Biztalk knowledge from training on Pluralsight. From that I have successfully done more than a dozen projects.


Thanks a lot Shaun!

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