Reformatting an SSRS report with several groups

Dale Fye
Dale Fye used Ask the Experts™
I have an SSRS report that in design view looks like:contact overlapand in report view looks like:with dataWhat I would like to do is reformat this so that the Program Name and County show up on the same line, and the Staff Name value would show up right below (not offset) the Program and County.

I assume I can modify my group to group on both ProgramName and CountyName, but how would I reformat this so that the Staff name falls immediately below the Primary Group heading?
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Russell FoxDatabase Developer
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You should be able to put both the program and county names into the blank field below the Staff Name field, and then hide the first two columns so they don't show up on the report. I usually shade hidden columns gray in the designer to remind myself that they've been hidden in the output. You can also shrink them down to nothing so you get a better visual sense of how the report will look. You can use an expression to concatenate them:
="Program: " & Fields!ProgramName.value & ", County " & Fields!CountyName.value

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And then you can merge several of those blank fields together to get them to fit (select multiple fields, right-click, "Merge").
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Thanks, Russel.  I had played around with this for a while this morning until I came up with something that works for me.  Not quite the layout I was hoping for, but very close.

Appreciate your comments above

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