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Error on vm

Hi Andrew

I have done the below (HOW-TO-Add-and-Connect-a-USB-Device-to-a-Virtual-Machine-hosted-on-VMware-vSphere-Hypervisor) in esxi 5.5. unfortunately as soon as it finished i had the following error

"Connection error while establishing connection (11): Error connecting to /bin/vmx process..
Cannot open a local pipe to local virtual machine '/vmfs/volumes/545c190d-39f2aa78-7ae7-00219b97e66f/Storage.Domain.com/Storage.Domain.com.vmx'."

I had followed https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/9349/HOW-TO-Add-and-Connect-a-USB-Device-to-a-Virtual-Machine-hosted-on-VMware-vSphere-Hypervisor-ESX-4-1-ESXi-4-1-ESXi-5-0.html

Are these related or totally different? How would i look at the tasks that happened. I had to stop the other vm as well and then i started my exchangevm. After this the other vm was started successfully as well
Any suggestions
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