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SQL Syntax

I am trying to run an SQL command ... I have it working as:

sSql = "SELECT * FROM tClaim WHERE ClaimNo = " & """" & sLab & """"

but I need to do a wild card search and trim the variable..... so I tried this:

sSql = "SELECT * FROM tClaim WHERE ClaimNo Like "" * "" & Trim(sLab) & "" * """

This just ends up freezing up MS Access.

What is wrong with my SQL statement looking for a wild card?

Thank you.
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Paul Jackson
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try like:

sSql = "SELECT * FROM tClaim WHERE ClaimNo Like '*" & Replace(Trim(sLab),"'","''") & "*' "

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Thanks I edited my question and had removed the equal sign but missed the single quotes.... that worked thanks Paul!

this part :  

Like " & "'*" 

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can be simplified to as what I already shown