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File Sharing problem

The Main office is in San Francisco (Note: This Main office has just recently moved to other location; not too far; it is still in the same city and state which created “Problem#1”)
The Branch Office is in Denver.
(There is an employee named “Jbrown” in Denver who has a problem#1)
Both, Main & Branch Office are in the same domain called “Domain”.

There is a share folder in the network called “Share#1” (This share#1 is located at the Main Office)
The file server is “FileServer”

Before The moving of the Main Office:
Jbrown is able to map \\fileserver\share#1, and works with “all the folders there” (around 20 folders)

After the moving of the Main Office:
Jbrown is STILL able to map \\fileserver\share#1, but she cannot see “all the folders there”

The things that i have been trying:

1) Disjoin and join again the mapping (it does not help)
2) I am in Main Office; i log in under jbrown credential; i map \\fileserver\share#1... and I can see all the folders (20 folders)

Any help?

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