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How do i setup with ODBC connection

I am trying to establish an ODBC connection from our home office to a SQL database on a hosted server @ Rackspace.  I can ping the server but can not establish the connection.  User generated image
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Fabrice Lambert
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How do you etablish the connection (give as much details as possible) ?
Do you have any rights on the server ?
Please tell me you're going across a VPN, and not sending this traffic across the Internet unencrypted.

Either way, make sure whatever firewalls are between you and the SQL database allow traffic on port 1433.  You may need others, depending on how you're set up and what your SQL Server is doing.
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Fay A

Have you tried connecting by an IP address instead of DSN name?
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I have tried connecting to the IP when connected to the VPN and it returns the same error message.  I can not seem to get port 1433 opened up on the server which maybe the issue??  trying to connect using the SA account... this is SQLExpress (if that matters).
With the VPN up, can you ping the IP address?
yes, we can ping the IP successfully
Then it's very likely a firewall/filtering problem.
Very likely a firewall issue. SQL Express usually does not run on port 1433. Instead, UDP 1434 is used to ask for the real port, if you provide an instance name. And that dynamic port might not be set up to allow passing the firewall.
So how would i go about setting up that dynamic port?
I think I got the dynamic port setup...when I try to run through the ODBC connection over the VPN I am still getting errors... see attached screenshots
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