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Hello I recently changed some GPO's at domain level, now when a HDD that's encrypted with BitLocker in plugged in we get a message that say's "Group Policy requires that for this drive to be writable, either  auto-unlock must be set or a smart card must be used.  A password alone is not sufficient."  Not sure what policy controls this, also on my DC running server 2016 when i click to unlock drive nothing happens.
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Go through your GPOs (or let's go through them together). Have a result file ready:
gpresult /h %temp%\result.html & %temp%\result.html

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From this thread's age, OP probably did it with that command from McKnife.  He probably should get credit at this point huh?  :)  Since I was cleaning up email, I thought for others I'd post the spreadsheet of GP info, and show an excel find.  Once the spreadsheet is open, select column H, find with cmd+f, enter "bitlocker", click "Find All", stretch out window and have a look.  Of course I'm not trying to say what is shown in the image is an answer, it is only meant to be an example of quick viewing.  Helpful since when you click in the Find window, it stays on top of the spreadsheet, so you can click and scroll on both.

Screen Grab of Searching GPOs.
The spreadsheet is from

Some entries look redundant until you check scope or platform or other issues.


Guys thanks for your comments, very helpful.
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CSSP: you are welcome.
Be aware that you may change the point division at question closure. Just saying, because I offered to help you, you gave no feedback and weeks later took another answer that would match what we would have found much sooner... just to give him about 8x as many points for it. I don't like this gamification and point-awarding idea anyway, but many experts do and you might want to adjust points on your next question.

Have a good day :-)

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