Dell Hotswap/OpenManage Issues

I have two disks in Predictive Failure on a Dell Poweredge C2100 (Using Open Manage 8.2). We got new SAS drives to hot swap in. I started with the Global Hot Swap (in Predictive Failure) and replaced it with the new drive.

At first it gave the Green Check Mark, "ready" and i could assign it to the Global Hot Swap in the Physical Disks Section but got the attached Caution message. It still allowed me to assign it as a hot swap but was not being recognized as a virtual Disk in the Raid Array. Prior to swapping we could see disk 12 in it's own "Global Hot Swap" section under the other 11 disks in the array.

When i tried the "Create Virtual Disk" and "Assign/Unassign Global Hot Swap" options in Virtual Disks it would not show up as an disk i could select.

When i went back to the "Physical Disks" section the new drive is now showing as "Foreign" and i don't see an option to reconfigure it.

Help is very appreciated.
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andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Your attachment is not there (it's a bug in EE)

You can clear the foreign disk under OMSA by selecting the controller, then information/configuration, foreign configuration options, clear. Then you can use it again.
bensonwalkerAuthor Commented:
Oh great...

Yes. Finally found that foreign disk configure option and fixed that issue. I still have a disk failure as part of the array...what's best practice?

Taking the disk offline and then swapping for new one? Or Shutting the server down and replacing?
andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
You should always replace whilst powered on when possible. If the disk has completely failed then just pull it out and put the replacement in or if there is a hot spare just pull it out and the hot spare will kick in.

If it is pre-failure rather than completely failed then you should force it offline first via OMSA but still do it all with the server on and running.

It won't hurt to take a backup first, especially if you have two pre-failure disks as it's hard to tell which one is most critical.

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bensonwalkerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your responses Andy. Looks like we're all set. Hot swap kicked in and rebuilt and i got the second disk reassigned as the hot spare.
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