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hello ... I have a problem with an email account in outlook 365. the outlook was working and suddenly an error started (Cannot start Outlook.Cannot open the outlook window. the set folders cannot be opened), try to repair it but nothing worked.
What I have tried is the following:
first repair online the office, then delete and reinstall, then check the updates of the pc and office and everything is up to date, but I always get the same error, if I try to activate the account through the control panel / email / profiles / create new, it is blocked after putting the mail, does not reach the option to put the password. and if I try to log in from another office application as excell, the same thing happens, after putting the email it freezes.
doing search arrive to the tool Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 and leave the errors of the photos, I already try disabling IPv6 and resetting the network adapter ...

Does anyone have a possible solution? I thank you in advance.
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