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Hi guys,

I got a old exchange server2008, where we got mail store client 8 installed. And got all our old emails archieved.

We moved to office365 2 years before, suddenly one of the user wanted to access emails older than 3 years. I can see the emails are in mail store client. But how do I export it as pst file ??

I installed office365(2016) version in exchange server. Then went to mail store and to that particular user archieve. If I do right click, it gives me option to export as PST to a outlook profile. It look like exporting, but after few seconds it gives me error
“Unable to load MAPI”

Could anyone help me with this ?

Thank you
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Use the outlook.

Login into his account.
then go File ->Open & Export ->Import/export
Select : Import from another program or file
Select Outlook Data File (.pst)
Search the file (using the Browse... button)
And use the option you want (replace/allow duplicated or do not import duplicated)
That's all form the Outlook

The other option is to use the O365 PST import
So go to the portal.office.com/ Setup / Data Migration / Upload Pst Files and follow the instructions
(or go directly to) https://protection.office.com/#/import

More info in:


Hi Bongets,
i turned off anti virus. still same issue.

this is the debug code i got from the error. anyway to discover what is the issue from here


and i tried to export as file system and it worked. but i got 35000-40000 of .msg files . is there any way to import all those msg files in office365 ?  ? ?
i found the solution. the problem is with the mapi with outlook.
so used another mail client software and exported emails to pst and it worked starightaway.
thanks for all ur suggestions.

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