Outlook has stopped publishing a calendar - The upload of Calendar failed

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We've been using Outlook 2010 at the office for years, and for years users have been able to publish their calendars to an in-house server. Some days ago that stopped working for one user. I've checked the Publish Calendar Settings > Advanced, toggled the 'Update this calendar with the server's recommended frequency' checkbox (left it check), then Clicked OK, OK and got the message, "The upload of 'Calendar' failed. The next upload attempt occurs with the next send/receive. There was a problem with the request." Of course, no mention here of what the problem was.

Following some  web advice, I tried Remove from Server, but got the message, "The Calendar was not removed form the server. To remove this calendar, you must delete the file on the server." So, I did that, but still nothing. I still get the "The Calendar was not removed ..." message when I try the Remove from Server option, even though the calendar no longer exists on the server, and I got the follow-up message, "The calendar could not be removed automatically from the server. Updates to this calendar will continue to be published until you remove the calendar from the server. Try to remove it again later." Well, the calendar is removed and updates are not happening.

I'm stuck. I'd like to re-publish this Calendar, but I can't un-publish. What's my solution?

Later: The same problem with the other person in the office who uses Outlook. Published calendar stopped updating 3 days ago.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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What's the calendar server?  Exchange?  What version?  Something else?  If it's happening with two or more people, then it may not be a problem on the computer, but rather with the server.
yo_beeDirector of Information Technology

I saw your other question and it seems to be slightly different than this one

I have to agree with Lee that this is pointing more towards a server issue than a computer issue.

I would start looking at the exchange servers event logs and see if anything is there.

Here is a link that I found. I have to say I have not tried this myself, but it might be a good start.


Yes, I should have mentioned that this is not Exchange. This is simply a self-hosted WebDAV server using Apache. I figured out the reason it started happening. While messing with something else I turned off the WebDAV service for testing. In fact, this affected all Outlook users. However, when I turned the service back on other Outlook users' calendars resumed updating, but this particular user's calendar did not. I kept getting the same error as in my OP.

I tried everything I could think of including un-joining and re-joining the domain. Repairing Office, un-installing and re-installing Office. Image restoring the entire workstation to earlier dates. Restoring the PST file to earlier dates. Nothing worked. Finally, I had to remove the user's Outlook profile (after exporting Calendar and Contacts) and re-create it. I imported the saved Contacts and Calendars and re-published the calendar and it all started working again. Unfortunately, this user (who is the organization Director) lost all his color category settings which he lives and dies by. As far as I can tell, there is no way to export and import these settings.

Ideas on the color category issue before I close this out?
Re-creates user's outlook profile. Color categories gone. Too bad.

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