How are SQL Server backups being run?

Bill Park
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We have SQL Server 2016.
In SSMS, looking at the canned report for Backup and Restore Events - Successful Backup Operations, I see that one of our databases is being backed up every morning at 0300. The average size is 4.56 GB and the average time is .17 minutes. The device type Is 7.

The System Agent only shows two jobs, neither associated with backups.

Does this indicate that the backups are being called by an external agent?
Is there a way inside SQL Server to find out more about these backups?

Thank you.
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Have look in these:

USE msdb

SELECT TOP 100 * FROM dbo.backupfile
SELECT TOP 100 * FROM dbo.backupset
SELECT TOP 100 * FROM dbo.backupmediaset
lcohanDatabase Analyst

Most likely they are created via some maintenance plan and you can find that in SSMS:
Expand the server where you want to create/update your maintenance plan.
Expand the Management folder.
Expand the Maintenance Plans folder  and look for one that's likely doing a database backup by its name.


There are no maintenance plans listed.
What I think is happening - After digging deeper, it looks like Windows Server Backup is backing up the SQL databases each morning as part of a total machine backup:

Backup items: Bare metal recovery, System state, System Reserved, Local disk (C:)
File excluded: None
Advanced option: VSS Copy Backup
Backup time: Every day 3:00 AM

I don't know squat about VSS  but it looks like that at least SQL is being backed up. I'll have to figure out how to set up a tab so I can try restoring.

Thank you.

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