interested in locating an Atari joystick with integrated games, especially Donkey Kong 1981 version

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Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

             I am interested in locating and purchasing an Atari joystick with integrated classic games especially Donkey Kong Classic, the 1981 version.  It is my understanding that such gaming systems are out there and will interface with the television set.  That said, could someone help me out with respect to locating an Atari system with joystick and Donkey Kong 1981 built into it?

              Thank you

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Hi George

I don't think you'll find an integrated stick that includes Donkey Kong.  Most of the Atari clones with integrated games are based around Atari's own Titles while Donkey Kong was ported from Nintendo as a cartridge game for the 2600 in the early 1980's.

Depending on your budget if you want to play the 1980's Donkey Kong you might want to look at a second-hand Atari 2600 console and an old school TV with an aerial and analogue tuning try a quick search on eBay or similar.

For the portable "Atari style" Joystick only version you are thinking of try the Jakks brands on Amazon, they are pretty reliable.

I think we've had this conversation before but beware of playing them on very large screens as the 8-bit graphics look worst magnified (even where the emulator manufacturer has upgraded the graphics) - they are really best viewed on up to a 21" monitor max. and remember that most come with Composite video output for their TV signal so you need to check you won't need to convert this and ythat you'll be able to  plug directly into your screen/TV.

If you're looking at Amazon as a source ALWAYS read the reviews thoroughly.


Thank you for reminding me about the limitations of playing back older games onto newer or modern television sets.  To be perfectly honest, I forgot all about bringing this to the forum earlier.  


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