solution needed to enable viewing of video streams from bedrooms

After reading all reviews for above device at Amazon, I'm uncertain if it could meet my requirement below:

I have a home Set-Top box (from Telco) that connects to my broadband router via a wired (ie RJ45) LAN cable to stream movies (such as Netflix etc). How can I use this device so that family members can view the movies from their laptops in bedrooms?   This Set-Top box has an RJ45 LAN port, an output HDMI port that goes to TV & a USB port (which I'm not sure what's the USB port is for).

Currently from the bedrooms (can be 5m to 30m away from the broadband router which has wired RJ45 ports as well as Wifi), we can't view the movies/streams via the broadband router & one bedroom barely can connect to the broadband Wifi
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
30m == almost 100ft. That's a super long way.

The way I handle long haul WiFi is by using PowerLine Ethernet devices... - Netgear devices are my favorite, as they have built in signal strength indicators so assist testing which wall socket produces highest speed connection.

Having go/nogo signal strength indicators save massive time over looking at link speed for every wall socket in an area.

Plugin one next to your router + another at the far end of your house, connected to a repeater + you'll likely get good coverage over your entire house.
RobertSystem AdminCommented:
That device basically just allows a device with wired Lan connection to connect using wifi.
If you have a signal strenght issue i would recomend adding an WAP(wireless access point) or you could try one of the "repeater" devices half way between the router and the bedroom to increase the signal strenght. (note the repeater devices only realy as fast as they are connected so if you have 50% signal strength at the location you put the repeater anything connected to the repeater (even if it shows full signal) will only technically be at 50%. Personally I would go the route of adding a wired access point near the bedrooms.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Let's leave the signal strength issue aside: using a RangeMax Wifi adapter
with a 5m USB extension cable, I managed to resolve the issue for that
one bedroom.

The primary requirement is to be able to view the TV/video streams :
is that the right adapter to view from laptops?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Rather, I need to receive a HDMI output on my laptops (ie from the Set Top
box) wirelessly
RobertSystem AdminCommented:
No that adapter would not provide that functionality.
There may be something out there that does that without setting up some kind of media center but I dont know of any that will allow you to stream HDMI output back to a laptop. (there are ones that allow you to go the otherway like chromecast etc)
Most people just connect to the wifi and install apps like netflix etc on the laptop to watch the video.

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