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VBS - Map Home Directory

We are currently using an SSO kiosk software (Imprivata).  Windows automatically logs into windows using a shared AD account and then locks.  Individual users can then login with their own credentials to run software etc..  The problem is that when each user logs in, they do not have access to their home directory documents folder.  THe shared autologon account maps the AD drive throu GPO as it would for any other account on our network. The SSO software can incorporate VBS scripts during logon/logoff.

I am attempting to map their home directory folder, but having issue.  I can get all the way to the home$ folder, but not the username folder.  Attached is the script I am running.  It seems like there is something the system doesnt like about the %username% variable?

Option Explicit
Dim objNetwork, strRemotePath1
Dim strDriveLetter1
strDriveLetter1 = "M:"
strRemotePath1 = "\\cmc-vserver\home$\%username%"
Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive strDriveLetter1, strRemotePath1
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