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I dont have too much experience with VLAN Tagging so need a little help,  I have a Draytek Router and a Draytek AP, I have setup a Wifi Network for Staff which goes through LAN1 which works fine through both the Router and AP, I've then got a Guest Wifi network through LAN2 using a VLAN Tag of 10 which ive set on both the router and AP, the problem is there is a Netgear Smart Switch in between which I think is stopping the tagged traffic and I'm not sure how I need to setup the Netgear to allow the traffic, the guest network works fine on the Router but not on the AP the devie thats connected cant get an IP address from the DHCP Server (Draytek Router),  The router and AP are setup as follows: (Just in case you cant open the link I've also put pictures from the guide as you need a login to see the page)

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The missing bit of information is that smart switch. It will need to be tagging both vlans on the ports that connect to the router and the AP. If it is an unmanaged dumb switch than you should be okay.
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Another option can be to disable one of the physical ports and use the internal switch to create a by disconnecting all vlans except for one.
see p2.png   (remove VLAN0 from say P4 and only attach P4 to SSID2. & LAN2.
Then you actualy don;t need a VLAN tag....

And somewhere routing rules betweenGues VLANand others will be needed.
For VLAN's in switches you will need some smart switches.  (it will need to be a manageable switch.. procurve 1810 f.e.)


Thanks guys, if I cant get it working how its currenty plugged in I could go with Noci's suggestion and instead of going into the switch go stragiht from the patch panel port to the router and set the port on the router to be on both LANs.  The site is quite far from me so ideally I can get it working without having to go onstie and change cabling.  The Access Point is plugged into port 15 on the Switch.  The pictures show how i have it configured at the moment, I'm sure there is a simple change to fix this.  Should i be doing some kind of passthrough instead of telling the switch to Tag the port with VLAN ID 10?
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It needs to be tagged on the AP port and on the ROUTER port, and also be created on the ROUTER as VLAN 10 on a tagged interface.
So at least 2 ports need to be tagged, it only shows one tagged port in Netgear3.png


Thats great thanks Noci that makes sense, I've now tagged the port on the switch that the router plugs into and have asked my cleint to test it.


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