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Is there any way to transfer a legacy/bios hard drive onto a UEFI along with all the programs and data

Is there any way to transfer a legacy bios boot system to UEFI and keep all the data and programs?
My customer freaks out if a single icon is out of place.  Customer has a Dell Latitude E6410 running Windows 7 Pro. We're looking at the Latitude E7490.  This is a UEFI only computer.  In fact from what I'm reading Intel will be UEFI only by 2020.  Goodby bios.  Ordinarily I'd  upgrade to Windows 10 on the E6410 and figure out a way to port this over to the new machine. Lots of time saved, happy customer.  Can't do this with a legacy system to the E7490.  Is there any way to transfer a legacy/boot/mbr machine to UEFI?
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My recollection of my own X230 when it had Windows 8 (prior to it upgrading) is that it updated the BIOS to UEFI and my further recollection is that it said it was a one way street. I think, depending on the machine, you can upgrade to UEFI but may not be able to return.

I do not know of any way to test other than to back up the system and try it.
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Did it transfer the programs and data too?
Yes , all was intact after the upgrade.
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Probably will go with clean install. Thanks to both for your help.
Hmm. I thought you wanted to save everything
Clean install means to transfer data and reinstall programs on new system rather than cloning drive to new system which is a lot less work. If I can't clone (because old system is mbr-bios, then I'll have to transfer and reinstall programs.