Need to turn wireless antenna on

Cisco-AIR-AP1852I wireless antennas turned off. But to configure Cisco Wireless Mobility you need to turn them on to access the default page. We have 20 AP's and I can't get any of them working. Please help. I am with a Non For Profit - Hope Foundation in South Carolina serving autistic children, and we do not have a Cisco support contract because they are expensive.
There is a sticker on the front - "RADIOS OFF BY DEFAULT"
Al CliIT DirectorAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You need first to connect to a wired network to install the Mobility Express firmware.  See below
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
To get the Mobility Express software it requires a service contract. These units must be make of platinum (+$700CAD ea)..
What is the compelling reason to buy these when Ubiquiti is 1/3 the price.  

If you are a registered non-profit Cisco might offer you a reduced price on a support contract. Doesn't hurt to ask.  They may want supporting documentation to prove the non-profit status
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am using Ubiquti here and it works very well . I think you have a number of the Cisco units so you may need the contract to get them going
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You might have to get a wireless controller to be able to work with them. Did you verify that the APs have the Mobilty Express image, as well as the configuration?

I don't know what type of nonprofit your employer is, but have you looked at places like Techsoup? In the future, look through all of the nonprofit options.

Here is your AP with Mobility Express straight from TechSoup:

Remember there are several criteria with TechSoup, including being a 501c3. Different companies have different additional criteria.
Al CliIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.

Found out that they are sold with and without mobility express and we had purchased both types. Once we had one up and running that had the mobility express installed, it was able to control the rest of the non-mobility express systems. Wish it had taken less than 8 hours before we figured them out.

I also have used Ubiquity, which does well for small businesses, but their inability to prioritize SIP traffic is maddening. Even the Cisco small business line can do that.

I did buy these through TechSoup and I agree for a nonprofit, it is the best way to purchase equipment. Which brings up my last question, which I will answer later if no one knows the answer...

Can TechSoup offer a Cisco Support Contract, since you always buy your Cisco support from your Cisco supplier?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Can TechSoup offer a Cisco Support Contract?  

They can and we have purchased from TechSoup. You need to contact them to see if they have Mobility Express they can sell at a discount.

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Can TechSoup offer a Cisco Support Contract, since you always buy your Cisco support from your Cisco supplier?
Contact TechSoup. Based on what I'm seeing without being signed in, there isn't Mobility Express available by itself. However, since you ordered from them (hopefully recently), you might be able to acknowledge that you meant to order with Mobility Express and be able to get the assistance that you require.
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