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Need To Remove Appended %3F from URL.

I need to remove an encoded ? (%3F) off of several url's.  I want to use Mod_Rewrite to accomplish that.  Here is my regex but it itsn't working.

RewriteRule ^index\.php\?controller=cms&id_cms=([0-9]+)%3F$ /index.php?controller=cms&id_cms=$1 [R=301,L]

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This is what the original url looks like

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Please tell me how to get rid of the %3F appended to the url.
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Dr. Klahn

The regex does not match the URL.  Two reasons.

1.  The URL begins with a slash.  The regex does not.  Add a leading slash on the regex.

2.  The URL contains no underscore between "cms" and "id" -- id cms.  The regex contains an underscore -- id_cms.  Replace the underscore with a space in the regex.
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I have looked at your response numerous times and I see id_cms on the regex pattern and on the url.  So to remove this misunderstanding could you please show me what you have gotten to work in a tester.

On my screen there is no underscore between "id cms".

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Regarding testing the regex, as a long-time EE user you must know that testing with a regex tester is not a substitute for testing in the operational environment.  Only you can test on the actual system.
Wow, that is strange.  Here is what I posted on the original question.

You are correct about testing but at least you can get close with a tester.

This is the tester I use and I did add the slash based on your suggestion but it still doesn't match
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Great job, thanks so much for the help.