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Since Flashback is so good can this be an alternative to restore database? My use case is database setup is done. Testing started and after 2 days came to know there is issue in some batch and this has corrupted the data. So, here I want to restore the DB back to 2 days before. This I can easily achieve with Flashback.

Assuming Enable Row Movement is true for most of the important tables. Is there anyway to Flashback whole database without worrying about row movement enable?

Does enabling row movement cause more memory?

Does Flashback as such needs more memory? Means of my DB is day 700 MB so I need 1400MB if I wanna use Flashback?
Chandan PratihastAsked:
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The problem with the Flashback option is that it needs disk place in the Fast Recovery Area. This leads directly to big consumption of disk space. So you are limited in the time you can keep the flashback image. It is designed for short periods - a typical example is update of software and the rollback if it is unsuccessful. I better solutions are Data Pump dumps - the disadvantage is that they restore slowly. And the last solution is RMAN restore. If there is no Data Guard it runs fast and reliable (if you have all archive logs available).

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Normally Flashback is 3 times the DB size, but the main role plays the flashback_retention parameter that says how long will be the flashback kept on disk.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
I agree with schwertner that to maintain a database in flashback mode requires a LOT of Fast Recovery Area (FRA).

I believe you need to have enabled flashback before you can use it:
select FLASHBACK_ON from v$database;

That said:  You don't need flashback enabled to move back to a baseline in the event of testing errors.  You can create a guaranteed restore point as a baseline.  It still uses FRA but not near the level.

As far as time to recover:  Flashing back to a restore point basically rolls back committed transactions to a specific SCN.  Depending on the amount of work done, it may or may not be faster that a recovery.

Only you can tell if it will be faster.

The project I work on uses a restore point to do a daily flashback on our development database so the developers are on a known baseline every day.
Chandan PratihastAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much
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