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Shaun Okeefe CITP
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Hi All,

So we’ve got ourselves into an issue where several members of staff have hundreds of re-occurring events / meetings set-up in their Calendars from staff who no longer work for the business and have no mailbox / account.

I’ve tried to use commands such as Remove-CalendarEvents with the -CancelOrganizedMeetings flag but after checking they still have hundreds of reoccurring Events.

Is there a way I can run a command across ALL mailboxes across our tenant to delete any calendar events / meetings / entries from certain people (even if they have left?)

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This is a challenging task since these are calendar meetings. See the below link for assist on this and an example cmdlet syntax to assist, but you will need to get subject lines and so forth to narrow down you search.
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Try the below(powershell connected to o365)-

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery 'kind:meetings and From:"emailaddressofsender"' -DeleteContent

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