Any providers that you can recommend for setting up a test lab for working on Microsoft/Vmware certifications?

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hi guys

I'm looking to get some certifications, both in Vmware and Microsoft and possibly Cisco down the line. But of course, like anything, it would be good to have an environment where one can play with the content and setup a lab and try out the features.

I can use a test network at work that is segregated from production, which all sits on Vmware and Cisco switches, but do you guys know of any good providers whom you have used to setup a test lab with? I'm assuming people will say Amazon EC2 servers or even Azure, but any information will be useful.

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1. Most of us vExperts have our own Test Labs. (physical, but if budget, electricity costs are limited read on)

2. We use Azure, Google and AWS.

3. We also use Oracle Ravello - CHECKOUT THIS! which can be pure VMware, very handy for bare metal ESXi servers!

4. and VMware Hands-on-labs (which are FREE)


Great stuff, thanks Andy.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

The VMware GURU program would be a good thing to get into as well. There's a good portion of NFR lab use software available there.

For Microsoft, there's a freebie credit available to Microsoft Partners that would be helpful for getting started in Azure.

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