Azure only allow 5 IP Addresses to access a VM

Murray Brown
Murray Brown used Ask the Experts™
I want to only allow 5 IP addresses to access my Azure Windows Virtual Machine.
I have never done this before so just need some basic advice on what to fill out on the right
hand side of the image below. I don't really know what to put in each box.
Do I add a rule for each IP address

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Well, I assume you know your addresses, so just add the relevant rules. Clicking the little help prompts beside each field will tell you everything you need to know.

Source IP addresses/CIDR ranges
This is your IP list.

If you want to specify a list of IP's then,,,,, etc.
If you want to specify by CIDR then,,, etc.

Source port ranges
Unless your source port is hard coded, you would generally leave this as * or any source port.

Depends on what destination you want to set. Could be one or more IP's, tagged VM's, etc.

Destination port ranges
THe port you want to set for incoming connections. If you set 3389 for RDP, then set that. Shouldn't really need more explanation, your server port.

Same as above, TCP, UDP or both.

The rest is pretty self explanatory to be honest.
Murray Developer


Thanks very much. So I am about to add the following IP address. Does this look OK? How would a user at this IP address then log on?
I take it that the employees that I want to be able to log on will have to download a RDP file. Where would they do this?

If you would like to allow that IP access to your host on port TCP and UDP port 8080 then yes.* -> Azure Resource:8080
Murray Developer


Thanks very much for the help

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