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Formula not calculating correct figures from SumProduct table.

Thanks to all the brilliant experts here, I got a solution working. Alas, when I went to test it again today...seems to have stopped.  In cells M15 I have entered RES - the idea is that this will only be counted once as some can only resign ONCE. So based on that, I should have the number 1 in cell BS6 - which I created using the formulas and truth table (starting at DW10 - and that bit seems to be working - I have one true there). So what have I entered incorrectly? Thanks again.
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Rory Archibald
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Your dates in Dw10:FW10 are actually stored as text. Copy a blank cell, then paste special - Add over the top of them.
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Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)
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Thank you both. I actually went and looked at it again myself and ended up doing exactly what you both recommended. This sheet is doing some really weird stuff with my dates...they are entered in the standard way and then all of a sudden they go rogue and go text. Thank you both. So when I entered the dates again, it's now working perfectly. WTF???
Excel treats dates as Numbers and to test whether a date is entered as a valid date format, you can use =ISNUMBER() formula to check and if it returns TRUE that means it is a real date.