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Change of switches.

We are expanding our office so will need to install an additional switch in another room c20 feet away from the comms.  At the same time we are looking at replacing our existing switches.  

Currently have a hp 2910al poe+ 48 port serving as GW for hosts.  It routes to the local firewall and thereafter out tot he web via router.  We run two vlans for data and voice.  
We also have two other switches connected via ports on the 2910al.  These are HPv170 and 3com 2952, these run only data, no voice.

Looking for recommendations for specs and types of switches.  We like HP but would use any other.  Ideally have some form of resiliency and HA in the comms room and the same with the other switch in the other room.

Would modules be any good?

We also have STP disabled for our voice to work.

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so you need mlag for resilience?
MLAG is pretty much a port-channel/etherchannel/LAG terminating on two separate switches instead of one. What that will offer you is redundancy in the case of one of the uplink switches failing as well as more available bandwidth, and yes you will have resilience.
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Breaking/simplifying this then; we have three switches all with their own IP addresses and connected from the core switch to the other two via simple rj45 ports.  If we stack the three will there be 3 IPs still and a virtual one for the three/group?  

Also where does the Aruba management cloud sit here?  optional, required, recommended, additional cost?

Do you need STP enabled?  We have this disabled for voice.
You ALWAYS want STP enabled. If you stack the switches they will be one logical switch with one management ip address. I am not familiar with Aruba Management Cloud, but would probably be overkill for your simple setup.
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Ah there is a problem there then.
Expound on the problem.
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Sorry STP is fine.
Can you explain more regards:  2x cables (copper or fiber) to the remote switches and do an mlag (multi chassis lag) one to each main room switch.
Check out this link with a good explaination: