how to read the csv file which is in AWS s3 bucket

how to read the csv file which is in AWS s3 bucket

aws s3 cp command will copy the file but i need to validate before copy the file ? is that possible ?
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Sathish David  Kumar NArchitectAsked:
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What do you mean by 'validate'?
Sathish David Kumar NArchitectAuthor Commented:
i need to check wether it is valid CSV or not?
in our 4 colum  will be acount number 4 to 12...
You're in danger of posting too many questions on this which are essentially about the same thing. I've show you how to read the file in another question. The aws s3 command set is not general purpose so you need to copy it elsewhere to be able to work on it properly
Sathish David Kumar NArchitectAuthor Commented:
I found solution in other question

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