RDS Setup on SBS 2011 Domain and W2016 Member Server

I am struggling to get RDS functioning on a SBS 2011 network with attached Windows 2016 sever.  Here's what happened.  Joined the W2016 server to the SBS domain, and installed 50 RDS license on the W2016 server and the RDS Licensing role, on recommendation that the primary DC should not also be the RDS Licensing server.  Things appeared to work for a while (possibly becuase within the 180day RDS licence grace period).   Then as a separtae issue, multiple overnight (8hr) power outgaes caused AD corruption and the need to make a fresh install of SBS2011 server, join the W2016 server to the "new" SBS domain.  

1) Now the RDS licenses are shown as present, but not active, it seems that I need to revoke them, tell Microsoft why, and then re-install them?
2) The overall objective is to have our remote office users access line of business applications that are installed on the W2016 sever via RDS.  I don't understand which roles should be with the SBS2011 DC and which roles with the W2016 server:   RD Gateway, RD Web Access, RD Session Host, RD Connection Broker.

I attach some screen shots of what we have.   Guidance would be appreciated!

GrahamScreenshot of W2016 ServerRDS Licensing PageRDS Diagnostics
Graham TaylorManagerAsked:
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
For question 2, the simple answer is: ALL roles need to be on the RDS server, including RD Gateway, RD Web Access, RD Session Host, RD Connection Broker AND RD Licensing.

I'm not sure about the re-licensing with Microsoft.  If the RD Licensing service was originally installed on the RDS machine, then you shouldn't have to do that.  However if it was on the SBS server, then you will probably have to go through some process with Microsoft to retrieve the licenses and re-register them, this time using the RDS server as the licensing server.

Before you do that, though, please check to be sure the RDS server is a member of the following AD groups (group membership may have been lost when you rebuilt the SBS server):

AD Group membership for RDS server on SBS
Once that's all OK, then re-check the status of your licensing and post back with that info.
Graham TaylorManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Hypercat (Deb) .. I'll proceed per above and report back.   Many thanks for your direction.  GT
Graham TaylorManagerAuthor Commented:
Ok, I think I've got it all set up now.

A key point was the RDS Licensing error "the licenisng mode for the RDS Session Host is not configured"

I googled that and found a youtube video showing how to edit GPO objects on the RDS Session Host server and set the licesning mode (to per user)

Then I uninstalled the RDS licences and re-installed them

Then basically went about setting up all the roles on APPSERVER.  Don't exactly know if its correct but, I set up: RD Connection Broker, RD Seesion Host, RD gateway, RD Licensing, RD Web Access.   Installed self-signed certifcates for all the above.

Then logged into the SBS Server and pointed all requisite roles at APPSERVER.domain.local ...

And it works !!

remote.domain.com   gives me the SBS Remote Web Page  .... and RDP connections connect to Appserver as required

Many thanks for the general direction!   Graham

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Graham TaylorManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Deb, SBS tends to keep a lot "in the box" so I was somewhat concerned about outsourcing so much (all) of the RDS roles to the W2016 server, but all seems to work now,  You may see my other steps above,   Cheers, Graham
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