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Hi Guys
I am using StoreFront theme for WooCommerce. I like to display the Primary menu on all pages other than home. I have placed the function below, but not sure if I am on the right track.
I appreciate any help in advance.

# add_action( ‘init’, ‘remove_PrimaryNav’, 50 );
# function remove_PrimaryNav () {
#      if(!is_home()){
#      remove_action( ‘storefront_header’,’storefront_primary_navigation’, 50 );
#      }
# }
Ben NozarDirectorAsked:
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Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
Hi Ben,

You're sort of on the right-track, but slightly off :)

Firstly, you're hooking into init, which is too early for the is_home and is_front_page functions to work, so you need to change that to a later hook. wp is probably suitable here.

Secondly, the exclamation mark in PHP negates a value, so if (!is_home) is the same as saying 'if it's not home'. You should drop the !

Thirdly, the way is_home() works in WordPress can seem a little quirky, and it depends on how you have your site setup. In the settings, if you have the HomePage set to a Static page, and the Posts page set to another page, the is_home() function will only return true for the Posts page, not the HomePage. To check if you're actually on the homepage, you need to call the is_front_page() function instead.

Wrap all that up in a function and it'll look more like this:

add_action('wp', 'remove_PrimaryNav');
function remove_PrimaryNav () {
    if( is_front_page() ) {
        remove_action('storefront_header','storefront_primary_navigation', 50 );

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Ben NozarDirectorAuthor Commented:
Perfect, Work like a charm. Thank you very much, appreciated.
Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
No worries :)
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