HOW TO cost effectively, migrate multiple Wordpress sites from BlueHost to another service, possibly AWS?

I currently have 20 WordPress Sites with, and my goal is to migrate OUT to another service.  I am looking for recommendations for another service and any HOWTO's that might make this transition easier. Here are some parameters I have with Blue Host which may cost me much more with another provider.

Currently with Blue Host:
- Annual cost LESS THAN $200/year, and last was $99
- Unlimited site hosting... Note I have 20 wordpress installs currently, no extra cost
--  mysql DB service
-- CPanel admin interface, okay to use something else
-- SSH access
-- "Unlimited Storage", I currently use ~ 2GB of file store, and less than 500MB of DB storage

_- I do have an AWS account I can use, if that's the most cost effective... thus this post... I am having trouble with the cost effective part. Please note the current cost I put above.
Martin MillerCTOAsked:
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Terry WoodsIT GuruCommented:
When I last spent a few hours trying to find which hosting service to use, I came to the conclusion that sounded like a good bet, though I haven't used it yet. From memory, their reseller pricing was in the order of $42-49 per site per year, which is pretty competitive, and one of the more reliable sounding reviews that I read apparently found their performance (site load speed) to be good.

I've been the tech support guy for a couple of WordPress-centric web agencies, each with approx 80 websites, so it was part of my role to evaluate hosting. I'm based in New Zealand, and there has been some pressure to use local hosting businesses (but they've been a bit slow generally, so I'm keeping an eye out for good alternatives). I've got one client on GoDaddy, which seems to perform reasonably well, but I think costs substantially more than siteground.
Terry WoodsIT GuruCommented:
I have used ManageWP for migrating sites. It has a backup tool and a Clone tool, though the Clone tool has a small cost ($2/month, but only billed for the number of days you have it active - it's only a few cents if you do it within a day). Despite all the fancy tools though, I do wonder if it's just easier to clone a site by manually importing the data and a copy of all the website files. It does only take a few minutes and is probably more reliable, if you know how to do it.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Your requirements of...

- Annual cost LESS THAN $200/year, and last was $99
- Unlimited site hosting... Note I have 20 wordpress installs currently, no extra cost
--  mysql DB service
-- CPanel admin interface, okay to use something else
-- SSH access
-- "Unlimited Storage", I currently use ~ 2GB of file store, and less than 500MB of DB storage

Your Migration Question

Use ManageWP or with so few sites, Duplicator or BackupBuddy (if you have problems taking a good backup.

Your Hosting Question

Probably won't work. Rare you'll ever find unlimited storage at any price, as disk size is finite.

Here's how to get close to your pricing target...

Use a KimSufi server, which will cost between...

1) $96/year for 8GB memory + 500GB RAID 1 storage.

2) $360/year for 32G memory + 2TB RAID 1 storage.

These machines are dedicated servers, so install Ubuntu Bionic (5 years of package updates). You'll have ssh running by default + can install any LAMP (Linux + Apache + MariaDB + PHP) packages you require.

Most Distros are dropping MySQL completely, so when you install a MySQL target, you may end up with MariaDB packages.

I use the MariaDB repositories + only install MariaDB targets for database installs.

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Prabhin MPEngineer-TechOPSCommented:
You can go for AWS,
In order to reduce cost, aws will provide you with promotional credits which will be very helpful.

If you are ready to set up multiple servers of Specification 1core 1gb (t2.micro type ) you can run WordPress sites one year free, monthly 750 hrs.

For storage, you can use s3 buckets which is much cheaper where you can save all images, videos files.

First 50 TB/ month      $0.023 / GB

If you feel website loads slow with this low spec server, you can use CDN( content delivery network) for css, images, videos.

I hope the above information are  enough.

CDN charger depends on requests servered.
Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
Migrating to AWS would add a number of complexities that you'd avoid with a traditional managed web host.

What is the goal of your migration? Is cost really your number one consideration? Performance, support, reliability, etc. are how important to you? Are these your own domains or do they belong to clients?

Most of your requirements are able to be met by most modern web hosts. After years of juggling dedicated and vps accounts across multiple hosts personally I've had a great experience transitioning to <> managed service and your setup would fit easily underneath their entry level package as far as I can tell; unlimited domains, unlimited dbs, unlimited disk space, ssh access, etc.

However, if cost is your number one motivator, I'm sure there are even cheaper options out there. Although, BlueHost is notoriously one of the cheapest options around -- which brings me back around to my first question.
Martin MillerCTOAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your assistance. I think I will leverage my AWS expertise, and build out a solution with a combination of tools.

Single VM t2 medium possible, then possibly convert later to an RI with no upfront, and 12 month commit. I should have much better performance than currently with bluehost. I can handle the mundane add a domain, virtual host, etc...  Question: should I use route 53, when I have good-enough performance with Godaddy's DNS ?  I wont be autoscaling, etc..
I'll lock down access to administrative tools and to a subset of IP addresses I work from, with a couple layers of security groups.

I am will likely use a LEMP vs' LAMP stack,  Nginx and MariaDB being the delta of significance.

I may use a couple add-ons like: Webamin

Thank again!
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