exchange 2016 is running out of space

I need some help, something is wrong with my exchange server, I think I checked to make sure that logging is turned off, but my exchange server databases are growing at an alarming rate.   In about a weeks time,  my DBs increased in size by over 50GB or so.  I'm not sure what I'm missing, but does anyone have any suggestions of all the area's I can check to see what if filing up my logs or DB's?
Running exchange 2016 standard in a VM.
DanNetwork EngineerAsked:
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DP230Network AdministratorCommented:
How many mailusers do you have? Apart from limiting the mailbox size and attachments' size, you can check the logs' size:

You can check this site and clear some logs manually:

1. Diagnostic Logs:
- Disable Microsoft Exchange Health Manager + Microsoft Exchange Diagnostics Service
- Disable tasks in Task Scheduler:
- Delete log files in DailyPerformanceLogs and the other PerformanceLogsToBeProcessed in: D:\Ex2016\Logging\Diagnostics

2. ETL Files:

3. IIS Logs: in sub-folders of these

4. HTTP Logs: In each sub-folder in this folder

We have run 6 Exchange servers for more than a year without an issue of space by this way. Usually we do it once per month.

Moreover, I suggest you to install a backup server (perhaps Veeam is the best one for VM!); so that backup job can truncate the transaction log automatically when jobs are completed. We had Veeam installed and backup jobs run everyday

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Edward van BiljonMessaging and Collaboration Technical Lead (Exchange MVP)Commented:
@DP230, thanks for sharing my site. Yes you will need clear those logs with the script.
DP230Network AdministratorCommented:
@Edward: You are welcome, thank you for sharing us the valuable knowledge :)

I hope you will have more in future, not only Exchange but also other products, such as Sharepoint,...
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Edward van BiljonMessaging and Collaboration Technical Lead (Exchange MVP)Commented:
@DP230, I am working on a few things which i hopefully can publish soon. Sharing is caring :-)
Pavel MarinovCommercial Technical SupportCommented:

If the .edb file is growing this is not IIS logs or something else.

Please check in application event viewer if you have ESE or MSExchangeIS events, If yes please provide us with them.

Also you can be having white space. Please expand the online database maintenance

If you have white space an offline defrag would be needed.

How much whitespace does your database have?
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I don't know, how can I find out?
Saif ShaikhServer engineer Commented:
If the database size is growing rapidly then there is some user in the database which is causing this.  In order to find out you can run Exmon tool which is downloable. Check the log bytes column in the Exmon tool to determine the user who is hitting.

Everything with regards to database growing rapidly is described in below blog.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I figured out the problem, just not sure how to fix it.   So for some reason, my logs are not be truncated, since March of this year, everyday, another log file is added, and when I do my exhange backups, whether using Arcserve or the Windows backup, as I did both, the logs are not truncated.
I checked the vssadmin writers, and the exchange writer is not there.  i have restarted the server and even made a registry change, but still doesn't work, the exchange writer is not there.

Any idea's how I can get the exchange writer installed?
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for your help.
DP230Network AdministratorCommented:
@Dan: you need to restart service Exchange Replication or restart server to bring back the vss exchange writer

Did you miss any configuration in Backup server, so that the log cannot be truncated?
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I have restarted the server numerous times, the service does not come back.  I tried Arcserve and the built in Windows backup server, so both missconfigured is rare.  I even had Arcserve support log into my PC and tried different things, and the tech said it's MS's fault, as there's no Exchange writer.
Pavel MarinovCommercial Technical SupportCommented:
Pavel MarinovCommercial Technical SupportCommented:
Also if the writer is missing and you have not set these Registry  entries you should

if it is there and still nothing, please check application event viewer and look for vss errors warnings or something which indicates an issue. If these is still nothing, you may want to disable backup and check if the writer appears, sometimes it is missing due to a third party app.

Also if nothing else helps enable circular logging for the database. this will temporary save you some space.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
So I had already tried the registry fix, but that didn't work, did numerous server restarts, and still didn't work.
Pavel MarinovCommercial Technical SupportCommented:
run the vsstester script and if you get things created, then you should contact support of the backup tool:
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
do you know if it can be run in production, will it take down any services, etc....
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