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Create VM from azure marketplace

I have created a Ubuntu VM from Azure Marketplace. I have also select the 30GB as OS storage. When I login to the my storage account. In the blob service, I can't find the actual .vhd file container. it only has the contain name as bootdiagnostics***** which stores one .log and one .bmp files.

When I check the OS disk, the source image is "Canonical / UbuntuServer / 18.04-LTS / 18.04.201808310", is not pointed my storage account.

My question is where the OS disk  actually stored.

Thank you in advance
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Shaun Vermaak
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Click on All resources, click on your VM then look under disks
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Yes, I can see the disk under resources, but where is the vhd file stored? I can only see log files in my blob account for this disk.
Are you using Azure Storage Explorer?
Yes, I can see log files in the container disk, not the vhd file.

That is all the files in the storage account for the VM
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Thank you Ravi,
Checked some documentation it must be managed disk.
One more question, will it effect anything if I remove the blob container when the disk is still using. it looks like that just log and dump files.
You're Welcome.

Which blob container you are talking about to remove? If you are asking for managed disk's container then you shouldn't as they are storage account metric logs.
All good now, thank your for the quick anser