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right-click context menu text is incorrect

Hi! I have a user who has an issue with the context menu in Windows 7 when right clicking a file/icon/etc. The text for the "Open" option in the drop down menu is garbled into random special characters. It looks like #^*#(. Now the option still functions as it should, it opens the file/icon/etc as expected. The text is just not "Open" anymore. Virus scanning has all come up clear. I cannot find any options where this text even can be modified. Does anyone know where I can go to edit this text or just reset the drop down menu to default somehow? Thanks!
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Thomas U
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Hi mrosier

Could be anything. I know a tool to check the context menu entries

hope that helps

ah. sorry wrong one

this may help even better ;)
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Thanks Thomas! Those I see I can use to enable or disable these items in the drop-down menus. But I don't see how to edit them or reset the entire drop-down menu. I am inserting an image to be as specific as I can. The  Open option there is all messed up on his computer. User generated image
I think I found a good page where it's described how to do it:

before I start to type much text here ;-)

I don't think there is a "Reset" way, that is proper...but you may google for "reset windows context menu" or something.


ps: you should see my contextmenu, you would be shocked ;)
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Thanks again Thomas! I actually found this article in my preliminary search before posting here for help. I think the registry method is the only place to get granular enough to edit the text of the options. The one question I have left on this then is can you tell me which of these registry entries corresponds to the "Open" option? I couldn't figure that one out on this method. I see where the other options in the context menu are in there, but the specific "Open" is not leaping out at me.
I don't know...because the OPEN is different, depends on what you have right clicked I think..
There are different tools to handle the context menu...I would search the registry for the CHARS you see instead of OPEN.

Thats kind a strange problem...
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very odd, I agree! Thanks though, I will take a look at these and see what I can see!
be careful using 3rd party tools...because you never know...viruses etc...
I hope you can solve it.

did you try running sfc /scannow?  can help also         SFC

and if the problem is recent, try a system restore to a date it was ok !
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