perl: How dose perl handle diacritics and non roman characters

I'm trying to ingest a large text file into PostgreSQL Full details here

I may need to run  a script against the file to either remove the problem rows into a separate file, or insert into the database via DBI and was wondering how perl handles diacritics?

I'm sure perls native I/O file handle is UTF8 but not certain about the diacritics or non roman characters
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It depends what version of Perl you are using.  Assuming the data is Unicode, I'm pretty sure you are fine if you are using 5.8 (maybe 5.10) or later - 5.6 definitely had some Unicode bugs.

I assume DBD::Postgres handles Unicode fine (if PostgreSQL does) but I don't use it so I'm not sure.

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trevor1940Author Commented:
Assuming the data is Unicode

Yes the docs state Unicode UTF8


perl -v

perl 5 version 20 (v5.20.2) for WIN32 -x64-multi-thread

Open in new window

There is so much information regarding perl and charsets I'm now confused

Any suggestions how to test if a script is corrupting the text?
bearing in mind i'm running in a windows command prompt which is rubbish at displaying extended characters
trevor1940Author Commented:
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