find samsung watch

rgb192 used Ask the Experts™
not sure which samsung watch
I know it is a few months created.
Bought new for $300 in 2018
I saw it ring previously

How to find if it gets lost
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Where do you remember last having the watch?  Search the last few places you were at.  Make sure to check underneath bedding and clothes.  Look under your furniture.  Look in the car or vehicle you were last in or remember having your watch.   Underneath the seats, in between the console?  glove box etc?
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You can potentially use the Samsung features, if the Watch is set to vibrate or ring, you can try calling and seeing if you can hear it as well.
If it was paired with a Samsung device, you may be able to follow part two of these sets of instructions:


Locating Your Galaxy Gear

Turn on your Samsung Galaxy device. To find your lost Samsung Galaxy Gear, first make sure that your Samsung Galaxy device is turned on.

Open Gear Manager. Look for Gear Manager on the the list of apps on your Galaxy device and open/run it.

Start the “Find My Gear” function. Once the app is running, you’re then going to be presented with a list of options/functions. Tap the “Find My Gear” function and then tap “Start” on the prompt that pops up.

Listen well for the Gear’s ringtone. After starting the “Find My Gear” function, your Galaxy Gear’s screen will turn on and it’s then going to play a sound/ringtone. Listen closely so that you’ll be able to locate where this sound is coming from. •Unfortunately, there are currently no means/methods of locating a lost Galaxy Gear if it is already out of range of your Galaxy device’s bluetooth signal. The only consolation a Galaxy Gear owner might have is the fact that the smartwatch will auto-lock itself (and will thus be rendered useless for the thief or anyone who might chance upon it) once this happens.

Turn off the “Find My Gear” function. Once you’ve found where the Gear is located, you can turn off the “Find My Gear” function on your phone by tapping on “Stop.” •You can also use your Galaxy Gear to locate a lost Galaxy device. Just tap on “Start” on the Find My Device app on your Galaxy Gear to turn on the screen of your Galaxy device and enable it to play a sound/ringtone.


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No problem! How you found your phone.

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