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Wordpress $wpdb make sure the db connection is closed?

I have the foillowing query that locks a table while the query happens.  Is there anyway to confirm that the connection is closed after the Query is finished:

 public function custom_product_meta_save($product) {
            global $wpdb;
            if (isset($_POST['_upc'])) {
                $wpdb->query("LOCK TABLES 'wp_options' WRITE");
                if ($_POST['_upc'] != '') {
                    $product->update_meta_data('_upc', sanitize_text_field($_POST['_upc']));
                } else {
                    $available_upcs = get_option('tlg_upcs');
                    $upc_to_use = reset($available_upcs);
                    $product->update_meta_data('_upc', $upc_to_use);
                    $new_upc_list = array_diff($available_upcs, array($upc_to_use));
                    update_option('tlg_upcs', $new_upc_list);
                $product->update_meta_data('_ebay_upc', $product->get_meta('_upc'));
                $product->update_meta_data('_amazon_product_id', $product->get_meta('_upc'));
                $product->update_meta_data('_amazon_id_type', 'UPC');
                $wpdb->query("UNLOCK TABLES");
            } else {

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You should never close the database, as WordPress manages the connection.

Just do what you're doing, LOCK table + use table + UNLOCK table.

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