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Consolidating vcenters during a 5.5 to 6.5.2 upgrade


We are in the early stages of moving from 5.5 to 6.5.2. For the moment we are working with a test 6.5.2 environment.
Currently we have 3 sites on island with a very reliable fiber link connecting them. Each site as its own vcenter and we
use Zerto to move VMs between sites and for DR.

We are thinking now that we have VCHA available to us, would it be appropriate design to merge all 3 vcenters into one.
Each current 5.5 vcenter would then become an individual datacenter under the new 6.5.2 singular vcenter. We would then
use VCHA to replicate the new vcenter to the other 2 sites. We would then have vmotion options we never had before.

Are there any fallacies I am missing?


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8/22/2022 - Mon