Python - Compiler to create .exe without dependencies on other computer (Portable needed)

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Dear Experts,

Could you please advise about a Python compiler, which would be able to create an .exe file from a .py one and which could be run on other computer without any dependency? (so without the need of installing Python and modules)

Basically I am aware of but would need a compiler which does not need installation on my computer, since not having administrative rights on Windows

Thanks in advance,
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Mark BradyPrincipal Data Engineer

Try this method. Not sure about copying DLLs as they are protected by copywrite but this link may be what you need.
pyinstaller is a decent option

as soon as you pip installed pyinstaller and it's dependecies you cacn type

pyinstaller -F

if you don't have admin privileges you could install pyinstaller on a portable python version, which you can install without being admin

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