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Interfacing an application running on a Windows server to an application running on a Linux server

We are looking into writing a basic service on a Windows server that takes a text string and sends it to a service running on a Linux server.  The Linux server then needs to call another local application, take the response from that application and send a text string back to the Windows server.  

I've not done this before (although I'm fairly comfortable with C#), but could really do with a good starting point on the Linux side of things.  For example, are there any services built into Linux that would facilitate this (or third party products etc)?

In short - I just need a bit of guidance to start off with.,=
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John Tsioumpris
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I guess the starting point would be .NET Core ...For the Windows platform it should be to create a Windows Service and for Linux a daemon
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Thank you John.  

So, we could create both services in .Net and deploy one onto the Windows server and one onto the Linux server - would that be correct?
Well not exactly....don't believe the advertisements...:)....lets say that you can have a big chunk of common code...
LOL - Fair enough John - I think I'll pass this onto someone else....
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David Favor
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I'm going to take a look through GitHub (just out of curiosity), but I have a friend who has experience in this field who is hopefully going to do it for me.

Thank you.