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Additional building switch

ive never achieved the following, id like to add a switch to our network that it some meters away.  How best to achieve this?
we are looking at
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Could you please provide some clarification on what you're trying to achieve? A switch shouldn't be a major issue to add to a network, provided the needed cabling is already there (or will soon be in place).
Adding a switch is not that big deal ...just connect it with an existing switch with a cable and that's all...then connect the computers that need network access again via cables to this new switch....the real deal comes when you want something more from your switch than simply providing network access like VLAN,Qos...etc
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We will replace 3 switches soon, which will be a stack.  We have vlans and qos already,  The new one will located in a different room.   So use a cat5/6 connection or fiber?  Never used anything other than cat5/6.
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The answer depends on your needs, requirements, and roadmap.
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Will go for an additional switch or aruba stacked.  depending on budget.