How to set up security levels in MS Access

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I would like to set up different security levels, does someone have a good link on how to do this?
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What version of Access? The last version that included User Level Security was Access 2003.

If you're using 2007 or greater you'd have to create your own security system - or rather a "navigation" system, because you really wouldn't have much in the way of security. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want. You could have a single table with all Users, and store the password in that table, along with the permissions they have. You'd then check that table each time the user performs secured actions, like opening a Form or Report.

You could also have multiple tables: Users, Groups, Objects, and Group_Object permissions, for example. You'd add Users, create Groups, add your Users to Groups, add your Objects, and then set permissions for each Group.

Or you could use LASsie from Peter's Software:

Note, however, that none of this has any sort of data security. It's simply "navigational" security, meaning you allow UserA to open FormB, but not FormC. Users can still get to your data. If you want data security, you'd have to move to a more robust database, like SQL Server.
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Thanks Scott - I'm using 2010/2013, so I'll go down your suggested route.

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