TeamViewer free version - Stopped working, need an alternative for remote access

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Hi All - I have been using the free version of TeamViewer for years for person remote access of my personal Mac when I am at work. Suddenly I am getting an error from TeamViewer when I start it up that "It looks like you are using TeamViewer in a Commercial environment" and it blocks me, since Commercial use requires a Paid version.  Though I love TeamViewer, they have been useless to help, since they block/avoid all Support questions unless you are a paid commercial user.
#1) Does anyone know a legitimate workaround for this? Not sure why they think I am a Commercial User.
#2) Can anyone recommend a better alternative to TeamViewer for remote access personal casual use?
I use Mac OS/X and TeamViewer ver 13
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Hi Blegge

Since you use it quite often, so it is not personal use anymore, it seems....

Skype can manage to share your desktop or a window. is another solution that works quite well.
There is also a chrome addon "Chrome Remote Desktop", it should work through firewalls etc. and its free, both need chrome tough..
Those 3 I have tested (but chrome only within the same network once)

There are many other solutions. Most of the are free for personal use. If you have a fixed IP and not worry to configure your firewall etc, a VNC based (some are free and work well) solution would work as well


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