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Microsoft's OneDrive 'Folder Protection' functionality - What is the eligibility criteria?

I have a quick question regarding Microsoft's OneDrive 'Folder Protection' functionality.
Article https://support.office.com/en-us/article/sync-your-documents-pictures-and-desktop-folders-with-onedrive-d61a7930-a6fb-4b95-b28a-6552e77c3057 states that 'If you're eligible to protect important Windows folders (such as Desktop, Documents, or Pictures) you'll see a prompt to set up folder protection.' . What is the eligibility criteria? I have the functionality but my wife doesn't. The only difference I can see is a) I run Windows 10 Professional, my wife runs Windows 10 Home (same version and build number) b) I sign in with a hotmail account and my wife signs in with a gmail account.
We are both running the same version of OneDrive
I look forward to receiving your input.
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