Device to provide video feed to 3-4 large screen TV's

Jason Kidman
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My customer wants a device to provide a rolling (loop) video feed from the internet to 3-4 big screen TV's.  He may want to send different feeds to each or send one feed to all.  Obviously, we can buy firesticks or PC's for a one to one setup but we are looking for a simpler solution that will be easy to maintain.  i.e. not have to login every morning and choose the feed
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A video distribution switch/amplifier would do the trick.  Put that in a central location and feed one or two feeds in and your 4 TV's as outs.  Bummer part is you will need 4 different feeds in if you want 4 different feeds out.  Something else you might consider are Google Chromecast devices.  Easy to cast the same thing to all or different things to one from a central PC.
Jason KidmanIT Consultant & CEO


Thank you.  I think the Chromecast is the best path.

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