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I'm trying to figure out if I can detect when a specific modal (see attached image) is displayed using pure JS (no jQuery). If you go to in Chrome, Incognito mode (or just clear your cookies in standard mode, you see the "State Selector" modal show. Once a State is selected and submitted the page will close the modal and refresh. Is there any way to detect if this modal is being displayed and if so, how?

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jQuery can be very helpful, but it's not magic, so of course something that can be done with it can be done without it.

In this case it seems to be fairly simple:

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Would it be any better to use something like this:

if(document.getElementById('stateSelectorModal').offsetHeight > 0)
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You could do that, but there is more than one way to hide an element (and checking the offsetHeight only works for some of them), so you might as well just check the one that is being used.

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