Help creating scatter chart

I want to create a scatter chart in Excel (2013) using the attached data.  Whatever I try, I cannot get it to come out that way I want:
Duration is the X-Axis
Scope/Severity is the Y-Axis
Each dot where X and Y meet a different color, with the legend coming from the Label column matching the dot color.

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byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
If you plot your data as a single series, there is an option to Vary the colors by point in Excel 2016. You find it by rightclicking and choosing the Format Series...Paint Can icon in taskbar...Fill...Vary colors by point.

You may also add a data label with the text selected from a range of cells. Select the series, then rightclick and choose Add data labels...Data labels. Then select the data labels, and uncheck the option to show the y value, and choose the option to take the text from a range of cells.

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rdyazAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the helpful information and the example!  This was driving me nuts, I figured it had to be more straightforward than I was making it.
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