Free Local Standalone FTP server for testing

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Similar to Guilt FTP…Looking for another Server

We have used GuiltFTP which is a very tiny exe to act as FTP server locally...

Currently it is not working in our machine..

Is any free open FTP servers which is very small to be installed and run in local machine for FTP testing?

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MySecureShell is packaged with every major Linux Distro.

Install it + zero config + you'll have an SFTP server running.

Never use FTP, as anyone can capture your logins.

Always use SFTP (secure FTP).
Rahul ShendeJr. Linux System Administrator

you can install and configure sftp using this url

You can use Filezilla server check the link:


install the build in FTP


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Be kinda helpful if you can tell us the platform you are using.

For Windows, there is always IIS, shipped as standard.
For Windows:

Control Panel > Programs and Features
scroll down to Internet Information Services, expand it, expand FTP server. Now here check marks on Internet Information Services, check marks on FTP Service and FTP Extensibility.


Never use FTP, as anyone can capture your logins.

Always use SFTP (secure FTP).

Considering the security, you may also use FTP over TLS/SSL (FTPS), it's just the same; 2 doors with different colors but the very same lock ;-)


@Davy Paridaens i don't see internet information services under Programs and Features as your described. i am using windows 10. Please help me in detail with screenshot if possible.

@Mal Osborne where to see the IIS in windows 10. i don't find it
Check the link Alexander posted if you need help let me know ;-)

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