Python - troubleshooting .exe file compiled from Python

Dear Experts,

I have a Python code which surely works correctly running from the console in Anaconda (one of the Python IDE)

My target is to create from this .py file and .exe, for that installed PyInstaller and created the .exe.

However running that .exe there can be just seen a fast flashing on the screen (like the cmc Command Prompt window it seems) and the code stops who knows where, no any error message or information where stopped.

Could you please point out some possibilities, how to troubleshoot issues in such generated .exe file containing Python code?

Thanks in advance,
csehzIT consultantAsked:
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issues like this can be best debugged from a cmd window.

Let's assume, that your exe file is located in c:\Users\cshez\dist

then start a cmd window
and type
cd /d c:\Users\cshez\dist

Open in new window

let's assume your executable is called mytest.exe

just type  mytest.exe in the cmd window
now you should be able to see the output and hopefully the error message gives you some hints

what you could also try is to run your python script from the command line.

just cd into the right directory
and type
(assuming is the name of your script)

Most scripts I wrote work quite well with pyinstaller or py2exe, but some need a little tuning / minor modifications to be working.

I might help if I see the error message

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csehzIT consultantAuthor Commented:
Thank you trying this general method helped me a lot to understand how it works.

Anyway concretely the .exe in the question started to work after a computer restart, so everything is fine without the need of modification
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