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Confused about this domain's naming

We're replacing a Windows 2008 domain controller, and we're confused about the existing domain name and logins.

All existing machines are members of the domain ABCCOMPANY.COM, but when users login to the domain, they use this domain name in their credentials:  DEF\username

In Active Directory Domains and Trusts, we see one domain:  ABCCOMPANY.COM.  The Properties of that show a Domain Name of (pre-Windows 2000) of DEF .

In Active Directory Users and Computers/Domain Controllers, we see two devices:  Server1 and Server2.  Server1 is nowhere to be found; that is, it has been turned off and relegated to a closet somewhere.  It is still designated as a DC, Domain Controller.  Server2 is still quite active and is designated as the GC, Global Catalog.  We intend to de-commission Server2.

Our questions are these, but additional specific info is welcome.

1.  Why is the DEF part of the login credentials so prevalent?  Is it simply because of the pre-Windows 2000 name?

2.  When should we use DEF moving forward?

3.  We believe that the original local domain should not have a .com extension.  In moving to a new domain controller and demoting the old one, should we re-name it?  (And of course we can educate ourselves via Google, but what steps are taken to rename it?)

Thank you... as is often the case when one is confused, we're not 100% sure what to ask, so please feel free to enlighten us in this area.
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